World War Z 2 Cast, Release Date, Plot, and Everything We Know so Far

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The first part of the movie came out in 2013 as a horror movie filled with zombies. The main character of the movie is Gerry Lane, he tries to protect the world from the attacks of the deadly zombies. The attacks of the zombies were so deadly that it would turn the humans into zombies if they got bit by any zombie. In 2013 the movie was a hit on the Box Office, as the total collection of the movie is $540 million all over the world. There are rumours that the movie is finally getting a sequel. There is no confirmation of the second part of the movie from any official source.

World War Z 2


There is no official release of the cast list of the stars working in the second part of the movie. The main lead Gerry Lane is expected to be played by Brad Pitt. The role of Karin Lane who is the wife of Gerry Lane will be played by Mireille Enos. The other characters and actors of the movie are still under wraps.

Release Date

There is no official release date of the second part of World War Z. besides that due to the COVID-19 outbreak and everyone requested to stay inside and in self-isolation, it is hard to gather more information. But the fans of Brad Pitt and the movie want this sequel to happen and be a successful movie.


Unfortunately, there is no trailer available for the sequel of the movie. Besides that, there is no official confirmation and no plot revelation from the previous production team. But as the first movie was about zombie attacks it is rumored that the attacks will continue even in the next part. The only thing that everyone can do right now is waiting for some official news to be announced.

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