Wizard of the Coast Is About to Release Free Dungeons and Dragons Resources

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At the time of lockdown all over the world the only people happy about it are the gamers. They can now play any game that they like for unlimited amounts of hours. Games are also one of the best ways to keep yourself entertained while being locked in your own home. The new games now come in with a multiplayer feature which helps the gamers to play with their Squads without leaving the house.

These games are not only action games but also board games and classic old school home games as well. With the release of Wizard of the Coast, this is now going to be even easier to play with your friends. The Wizards are now releasing free Dungeons and Dragons resources on their official website starting from this week.

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According to the official page of the game, the resources will be available on a Monday to Friday timely basis. This is mainly for the parents who are sharing Dungeons and Dragons with their children. The schools are now closed all over the world. Besides, parents are now finding it difficult to keep their small children entertained all day. This is going to be a very good way to keep them engaged for quite some time so that the parents themselves can also relax for a bit.

The new resources come with a whole new entertainment package. The resources include campaign modules, start materials, and standalone adventures for the players. Besides that, there is also good news for adult gamers, because there are some aspects of the game that they can also enjoy. The game also comes in with a coloring page that has a Dungeons and Dragons theme for toddlers. It has only been in the market for a few days now but selling quite fast. If you want to enjoy and pass your time in quarantine buy it now.

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