When Punisher Season 3 Will Release Is There Any Confirm Date and Details About the Cast

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The Punisher is one of the most popular series on Netflix. The lead of the show is Jon Bernthal. The director of the series is Steve Lightfoot. The series shows the story of one of the characters Frank Castle from the famous franchises of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). At first, this character came out in the scene in Daredevil season 2 which is also another show of MCU.

After the character went famous the spin-off sequel was made possible by the production team. The main story of the show is that Frank is killing and taking revenge from the people who killed his family members. The series shows the viewers how Frank became the Punisher and how is his lifestyle.

Punisher Season 3 : Release Date

There is no official release date of season 3. This is because the series is a part of the Disney franchise that is why the show is canceled by the Netflix channel. The Disney production house has now launched its own channel for streaming that is why Netflix didn’t renew the series. But it would not surprise anyone if they renew the show in the future as they have done before.

Punisher Season 3 : Cast

There is no confirmation of a new season but the expected cast list is already out. The star cast includes the lead of the show Jon Bernthal, Ebon Moss Bachrach, Ben Barnes, Amber Rose, and Micro. There may be other stars or new faces but it is not confirmed yet.

Punisher Season 3 : Plot

The show is dropped by Netflix, there is no sign of it coming back on Netflix as of now. The only thing that the fans can hope for is the storyline will remain the same. They will get to see Frank punish all the evildoers in deadly ways. The new seasons should pick up from the last episode of the previous season. However, there is no surety that the show will be coming back.

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