When Is the ‘Selection Day’ Coming to Netflix All Question Regarding Release Dare, Cast, Plot, and Details Are Here

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Netflix is one of the biggest streaming channels right now. At the time of lockdown, the channel is gaining more subscribers each day. The channel has a collection of movies and our series in different languages. Besides that, the channel also holds some original web series as well as movies.

After the success of Ghoul and Sacred Games, it is coming up with the next best thing “The Selection”. This is one of the seven original Indian series that the channel talked about in Match. This is going to be a series showing cricketing life on the character. The audience is excited to see another Netflix Original.

Release Date

The release date of the series is 28th December 2020. It is coming in on a Friday, so make sure that people are going to get busy watch it at the weekend. The series is going to containing a total of * episodes. All the episodes will be online together at the time of release.


The series is going to be led by Mohammad Samad as Manju. The main character Manju has a brother Radha played by Yash Dholye. The father of both the brother is going to be played by Rajesh Tailang. Besides these amazing actors, other actors in the series are Mahesh Manjrekar, Ratna Pathak Shah and Akshay Oberoi. There are going to be different characters as well but it is still not public.


The main story is going to revolve around Manju a 14-year-old boy. In the series, the audience will get to see his story and how he is ready to achieve cricket greatness. But there is only one small problem that is Manju hates Cricket. The series shows that due to his father who is obsessed with cricket he is also forced to do it. The only main thing that he does is support his bother and other cricket players.

After the family move to Mumbai, both the brother get into a new school. Manju, however, starts to find new interests and ignores his brother and father to pursue these new interests. Besides that, he becomes the friend of a boy who is his brother’s rival. This is going to be a very interesting web series.

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