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The movie Trolls is one of the best animated English movies. The first part of the famous movie series came out in 2016. It was a really big hit at that time and kids loved the movie. In 2020 the latest part of the movie series came out “The Trolls World Tour”.  The movie had it all colorful, soulful, entertaining, and a good storyline. The production team of the first movie gave the sweet dolls of the movie a Hollywood style screenplay. Besides all of this, the movie also contains brilliant music and amazing soundtracks. So if you enjoy watching animated movies and love kids movies this is one of the movie series that you should watch.

Trolls World Tour

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The new part of the movie will be out in theater on 17th April 2020. The director of the movie is Walt Dohrn. The producer of the famous movie series is Gina Shay. The movie originally came out on 10th April 200 but only in the United States. When the release date was fixed a lot of young fans were happy about it as well as some older fans too. This is one of the funniest animated movies that you can watch to entertain yourself. The main stars on the cast of the movie are Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.


The movie starts with some of the cartoon characters sneezing on the camera. This is not at all a good starting to a movie at a time of COVID-19 outbreak. But it could not have changed because the film was completely ready before the outbreak.  The movie is filled with jokes as well as some heartwarming scenes in between the movie. In the movie, the audience can see that Poppy is still trying to fit in the role of a Queen.

But she later receives a letter from Brab inviting everyone to a party to unleash their music. The main plot will be that Branch is going to confess his love for Poppy. In the reply of the proposal, she will accept it and the movie will end with an amazing song with every character in it. Overall it is a good movie that you can watch to pass your time, but only watch it if you love comedy.

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