Tiger tested positive for Coronavirus at USA Bronx Zoo

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The entire world is in lockdown now. The government of all the countries is trying to keep their masses safe. At this time of crisis, the animals in the zoo as well as in the sanctuaries are also under safety measures. The economy of the entire world is taking a toll due to this outbreak. In this horror, time news came in from New York’s Bronx Zoo that a tiger is tested positive of COVID-19. The reports were sent by the institution on Sunday. The authorities believe that the virus spread through a worker in the zoo. The institution said that all the safety measures were taken but still this is very unfortunate. The tiger is just four years old and is a Malayan Tiger known as Nadia.

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It is informed that Nadia with her sister Azul and two other Tiger as well as three other African Lions started to have dry coughs together. The Wildlife Conservation Society of the city ensures that they will help all these animals recover. A statement was sent to AFP saying that all the cats are now under their supervision and in extra care. The institution will also share the reports and any further discoveries if there are new developments in the Corona Virus outspread. The only thing that they have noticed until now is a dip in appetite and nothing more. The cats are still friendly towards the guards and moving freely.

It is still not known how this virus will grow among big cats as different cats have different traits. But the people in charge will closely monitor them and take extra and full care of the cats until full fitness. All the zoos and aquarium in New York are closed since 16th March. The number of deaths in the Zoos and Aquariums is more than 4,000.

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