Tiger King: Story Details and Review All You Need To Know

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Tiger King: Story Details and Review All You Need To Know. This is a new crime documentary on Netflix. It is one of the wildest shows that you will find on Netflix. It shows the lifestyle of the notorious star Joe Exotic. The full name of the series is “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness”. Besides being a true story it will also show you some of the dark things that happen in Zoos. He is a man that stood up for both Governor of Oklahoma and United States President Election.

Besides that he self-invested on his own album which contains 16 videos and 23 songs. But his most precious jewel was a 16-acre are in which his lions, tiger, bear and many other animals found shelter. People are excited to see how exactly he managed to do all of this alone.


Story Details

The series justifies the title perfectly. In the show, you will see a lot of madness and mayhem along with some disturbing sights of murder. The story shows us the many side business that the tycoon and ex animal trainer was handling alongside running his own zoo. Besides that, there are also a few FBI officials involved in the story, who are only in it for fame and not for justice to the animals.

As the story goes on you will get to see that the star is addictive towards drugs which leads to a very sad tragedy. In short, it is the madness and chaos all around that make this series a must-watch.


There are a lot of viewers that loved the story and projection. But there are also critics as wells on the series. Some of the fans feel that what the need for building this story was. But when you watch the series you will understand that each of the episodes in the series tells a different story.

The life of a notoriously rich man who is in love with his tigers to next in which he is doing drugs. It is a bumpy roller-coaster of a series that is sure to captivate the viewers till the very end.

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