Tiger King Season 2: Spoilers, Date, Story Details All Details You Should Not Miss

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Tiger King Season 2: Spoilers, Date, Story Details All Details You Should Not Miss. The show is one of the best documentaries that viewers can watch of Netflix. The show is about the rise and downfall of Joseph Maldonado-Passage.

The nick name of Joseph Maldonado-Passage is Tiger King. It is a known fact that he used to keep more than 1,200 animals in his back yard mainly lions, bears and tigers. In the year 2017 he gained fame through is aggressive style and blonde mullet.

Besides that he was working on his YouTube channel that showcases his life style to his fans. But people think that just because he was so open to the public he received a lot of hatred.



Unfortunately there are not many news about the show on the media right now. The only information that the fans and audience are getting is about the renewal of the show by Netflix. It is one of the most popular shows among animal lover who stream Netflix. But this is a documentary so be sure to learn some true and dark facts about the animal kingdom.

Release Date

The series is going to air of 20th March 2020. The entire series will be streaming on Netflix. But if you want to see more real content you can always look at his YouTube channel. Besides that the series is going to have 7 episodes and each episode with a different title.


In the series you will find out about the personal zoo of Maldonado-Passage. It will show the audience that how he managed to keep all the animals. It also shows that how well he treated his animals managed to keep track of all the animals. Besides that the series will show its audience how he leads his life and his animals.

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