The Vietnam War Series by Lynn Novick and Ken Burns Honest Review

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In The Vietnam War Series, an intimate look at one of the most tumultuous periods in U.S. history is presented through a multiplicity of viewpoints. Over the course of the series, various people are interviewed to gain new perspectives and insights into the events and activities that transpired during the Vietnam War. The result is an unprecedented visual feast that draws together the varied stories of those who experienced the turmoil that was the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War Series was one of the most comprehensive documentaries of its time and remains a landmark in the history of media coverage of war.

Vietnam War and American History Review

The Vietnam War Series is a veritable Who’s Who of American History, with virtually every president from both the wars having appeared or be reflected upon in some form or another. This 10-part, full-length documentary series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick offers first-hand accounts of the Vietnam War by almost 80 different witnesses, including ordinary Americans who served in the Armed Forces and those who opposed it. Digitized, moving images offer a unique window on the experiences of those on both sides of the war, vividly reliving the bombardments, the helicopter rides, the daily life on the front lines, the ambushes, the attacks, the shelling, the mortar fire, the prisoners of war, the rapes, the aftermath… The Vietnam War Series budget is not openly discussed, but is described as a low budget film that did not receive financing from either the United States military or the CIA, but was instead given funds from the Peace Corps.

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War series chronicles the rise of the radical political and military left and right, the bloody civil war, the rise and fall of the Ho Chi Minh, and the ultimate victory of the Free French in Indochina. Many of the events and people featured in this series have never been told before, and as you read through the stories, you begin to feel that you yourself could have made these sacrifices yourself. The Vietnam War Series is one of the most comprehensive documentaries of its kind, in fact, there is no other historical documentary series that compares to it in terms of scope, accuracy, and overall integrity. The most interesting aspect of the series, however, is the fact that Burns and Novick succeeded in putting it all into one story, weaving together the different strands of the war with a clear timing and emotion to tie the whole thing together beautifully.