The Looking Series 2014 Best Comedy by Christina Crooks

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The Looking Series By Christina Crooks

Looking Series

Three best friends living in San Francisco to explore the complexities and nuances of modern gay relationships as they navigate a multitude of emotional choices, both in romance and in everyday life. They’re united by their close relationship, but sometimes their quest for inner happiness and fulfillment has pushed them on different paths. Patrick, a 30-year-old computer game designer, is in love again following his recent engagement to a beautiful woman; Agustin, a former waiter, is nervous about choosing domestic bliss and monogamy instead of reckless abandon; and Dom, a long-term city guy, is torn between pursuing his dream of returning to college and accepting a job as a bouncer at a gay bar. The three are joined by an attractive brunette named Alexa who also shares their interests and dreams.

“Looking” is an insightful and intelligent coming of age story about how lesbian relationship can push two people to the next level. Patrick’s realization that he loves Alexa comes too late, however, because by the end of the first season he has totally lost her. His feelings for her come to a head in the final episode, when he decides to pursue her for a second time after they meet at an event. The series adeptly highlights Patrick’s feeling of denial after his first encounter, while simultaneously showing how he and Alexa’s relationship can overcome those feelings of hesitation. The audience may doubt whether or not they should follow their beloved Patrick to the next adventure, but the writers make it clear that he will be going places in his quest for her.

The Looking Series Review

The writers cleverly weave together a romantic tale about two women who have long been in love but who feel trapped by society’s prejudice against lesbians. The audience sees that their relationship with each other isn’t based on anything physical, but rather on shared experiences and dreams. This, to me, is what real lesbian relationships should be about. We know all too well the difficulties associated with finding a person who understands us; how would we feel if our partner didn’t share that same dream with us? The Looking series makes this dream come alive.

It is difficult for a woman to find a partner who understands her wants and dreams, and who understands her need for companionship. These characters manage to escape the straight world’s prejudices and find themselves with each other. This allows them to experience a sense of belonging that simply isn’t possible within society. The friendship between Patrick and Libby, for example, transcends gender roles. A man might say that they would like to get along with both Patrick and Libby, but they cannot because of society’s false perception of what constitutes a lesbian relationship.

Despite its steamy romance, the Looking Series is far from perfect. There were times I felt that there was little development, and the story lines occasionally felt rushed. But I have to give the writer credit; this is not your typical lesbian story. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Rather than a traditional coming of age story, there was more of an adventure series revolving around a central character. The relationship between Patrick and Libby was far more interesting than my average lesbian relationship, which I found quite thrilling.

If you want a book that offers everything that a lesbian relationship should, then The Looking Series by Christina Crooks is for you. While the beginning of the series introduces us to Patrick and Libby, it quickly moves on to a fun and engaging storyline about two women who are on the verge of taking their relationship to the next level. I really enjoyed reading about these two women, especially Patrick, because he is so different from the women that he meets in the book. He is very intelligent, but he also has this laid back, casual manner about him that makes it easy to relate to him. This is also one of the first books in the Looking Series that does not focus solely on Patrick; the book is actually about the birth of a new friend, Amber. With an excellent plot line and a fast paced romance, The Looking Series is sure to be one of the best books on lesbian relationships ever written.