Tarvaris Jackson Dies in a Car Accident at the Age of 36

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Tarvaris Jackson is a professional rugby player. He was involved in a car accident on Sunday Night. He lost his life at the age of 36. Jackson is a former player of the team Seattle Seahawks that played in the National Football League. The deadly car crash took place in Alabama. This news came out in the media by TMZ a news outlet in the U.S as well as NFL network host Ian Rapoport also announced the tragic incident. At the time Jackson was working as a coach for Tennessee State University. His death was confirmed by a TSU host on the next day Monday morning.

All the Details

The local police informed the news reporters that Jackson’s car hit a tree. This incident took place at night at around 9 pm. There was no involvement of any other person or any other vehicle. After the initial hit, he was taken to the nearest hospital. But unfortunately, he couldn’t recover from the injuries and passed away the next day after admitting to the hospital. Everyone around the world wishes and prays for the well being of his family. Tarvaris Jackson was also called “Tjack” by his closed one.

In the year 2006, he was drafted into Minnesota Vikings in the NFL yearly Draft. After this, he moved into Seattle which finally became his home for a long time. At Seattle, he has enjoyed two drafts as he once left the team for only a year and playing for Buffalo Bills in 2012. When he came back to Seattle in 2013 he played as a back-up for Russell Wilson. In that year the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl and he was the first back-up Quarterback to win the completion for 13 long years. Jackson could have done it again in 2015 but sadly his team lost in the final against New England Patriots.

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