Super Dragon Ball Heroes’ Season 2, Episodes 2 Preview All You Need to Know

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Dragon Ball is one of the most famous animes all over the world. The anime has a huge fan base all over the planet. The main hero of the series is Goku. Kids, as well as adults, love this anime. It has different parts and storylines, which are dived into different anime series. The anime is all about martial arts and also some exciting superhuman strength. The new anime series of the franchise is now online for its viewers. The Super Dragon Ball Heroes’ is now streaming online. The season of the shows the return of FU one of the strongest characters in the series. After the first season failure of FU, he is now whiling to try again with Dogi Dogi to kill Zeno-Sama.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

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Dogi dogi is the bird of destruction. All the gods of destruction came down on earth to find this bird by themselves. But instead of Dogi Dogi the Gods found another bird named Toki Toki. All the Gods of destruction refused to accept the fact that Toki Toki is a different bird. But after that, all the gods decided that they will use Hakai and destroy the entire planet earth. But suddenly Beerus interfered and told them that he will personally punish the humans on earth.

The episode two of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series the viewers will see a fight between Beerus and the warriors of Universe 7. Beerus could have easily destroyed the earth with his power but he gave some of the warriors a chance to defend their planet. The warriors he chose to face are, Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, Krillin, Android 17 and Piccolo. In an instant, Goku and Vegeta turned into super Saiyan and the other were swiftly in a position to fight Beerus.

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