Rockstar Announcement for Epic Games GTA 5 Available Free to Play

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The whole world is now inside their house and trying to stay safe from COVID-19. The lockdown is extending by a lot of countries and people are self-isolating themselves from one another. While being in self-isolation there are not many things that one can do. The main source of entertainment is movies, web series, and video games. The lockdown time is especially good for gamers because now they can play games all day long.

Most recently it was announced that GTA5 is now going to be a free game by Epic Games Store as the rumors suggest. The game is very popular and there are a lot of fans of the game all over the world. The fans of the game already have the game on their device but now a larger gaming community would be able to access the game.

All the Information

The new rumor is now surfacing all over the internet and all the gamers are quite excited about the news. It is suggested that GTA5 and GTA online will be getting a free version of themselves. But this free version is only going to be for the PC version of the game.

The game landed in Xbox and PS as well, but for now, the free version of the game will only be on PC as rumours. But a lot of people think that the new updates of the game will be coming off the PlayStation Platform and that is why the PC version of the game is now being labelled as free. There will be a few changes of course in the free version of the game as per rumours. But the fans of the games as well as the general public think that this is a very big step by the gaming community.

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