Pubg Season 13: Royal Pass Leaks, Updates, and Confirmed Release Date

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The world of mobile gaming has come into highlight only in recent two years. The main reason for mobile gaming getting popular is PUBG. This Battle Royal game has taken the whole world by storm. There are a lot of players and fans that love this game. The game was released on 19th March 2018. In the game, you will land on an island and have to kill your enemies with the help of different weapons. After 3 months there is a new season in the mobile game. The season is very important as it gives you ranks according to your Royal Pass performance in the rounds you play, rewards according to your rank, and the most important royal pass rewards. The current season 12 is going to end on 5/11/2020. All the details about season 13 are given below.

PUBG Season 13

All the information

With the new season of PUBG mobile, the players will get a new version of the game that is 0.18. In this version, the players will get a new map, new multiplayer game mode, and a lot of exciting gifts. The theme of season 13 will be toys. All the gifts and weapon skins will be designed as it is a toy. Like every season there are two outfit options if you get to 100 RP, one is Lava Superman and Flash Superman. Besides that, you will get a confirmed Vector and pistol skin if you purchase the RP.


The new version of the game is coming with a new library mode in it. In this mode, the teams will fight with each other using the guns of their choice. After multiple rounds, the gun choices will start to decrease and in the final rounds, you will be left with pistols and shotguns. In the new season, the players will have a chance to get weapon skins of M416, AUG23, MK14, and Vector. The rumors also claim that there will be a new map in the update but no official statement is out.

Release Date

The current season 12 will end on 5/11/2020. This is the time when the Royal Pass season ends which means you will not be able to increase your RP ranks. But the season 13 update will come after a few days. The update will take place in 2-3 days. Unfortunately, no official date is released yet.

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