PUBG Season 13: Release Date, Update and Gameplay Details

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PUBG mobile is one of the most addictive and popular games right now. The whole world is now playing PUBG mobile on their devices. The game originally came out on 17th March 2018. After the inauguration of the game, it became world-famous. It also holds official tournaments as well as nation and international level competitions.

Teenagers, as well as adults, are crazy about the game. Recently it celebrated its second anniversary in the 12 seasons of the game. The season 13 of the game is going to release soon and the gamers just can’t wait for the new update of the game. Every season comes in with new rewards for the players as well as outfits and gun skins.

PUBG Season 13: Release Date

The current season of the game season 12 will be ending on 11th May 2020. The new season of the game season 13 will be launching on India on 13th May 2020. After 11th May the RP section of the game will be locked and only after updating the game to season 13 will unlock the RP section.

PUBG Season 13: Update

The game always keeps updating the character, gun skins, outfits as well as fixing bugs. In the new season of the game, a new character is going to be released by the name Andy. The character Andy will also come with an ability to holstering and attracting guns. The RP mission of every season can only be completed by buying RP with the help of in-game cash. The normal price of RP is 600 UC and the elite royal pass comes with 1800 UC. In the next season, the gamers will get gun skin of vector, mythic power ranger outfit, four new emoticons, and a lot of other cool stuff.

PUBG Season 13: Gameplay

The game is also going to improve from the previous versions of the game. Besides that, there will also be some changes in the setting as well as the graphics of the game. After the announcement of the new season, the gamers can’t wait for its release.


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