Pubg Mobile to Get a Library Map Update Check What’s New We Will See

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PUBG mobile to get a Library map Update check what’s new we will see. In today’s world the best game on mobile is PUBG mobile. It is the most popular game for everyone who loves to play games on their phone. Recently the very popular and amazing game completed its 2nd anniversary. The game has now become a new platform for very talented mobile games.

Besides that the game itself is very captivating and addictive. The creators of the game now hold various completions and tournaments for the elite players of the game. But every game needs some additions or improvements that are why the game developers of PUBG always add something new in the updates of the game. This time a new game mode with a new map can be seen in the game.

All the Information

There is not much information about the new update just yet. But there are three main features that this update will bring with itself. First there will be a new and single dedicated map for this new update in the game. Second this map will be added in as a new game mode in the game like the previous TDM and Arcade game modes. Third is that the players will be able to use all the guns that the game has to offer, from SMG, Assault Rifle, sniper and more. The players are excited as always to get the new update.

The Chinese version of the game has already got an update but only to its beta users. This will be the first time that in PUBG mobile the players will get a indoor map. The game mode is all about defeating your rival team. The guns in the modes are upgradeable and the two teams need to finish off each other. There will be multiple rounds and with each rounds the quality of guns will decrease. Besides that as the game goes on and rounds keep on going the best guns will be used and later the players will get shotguns and pistols to fight of their enemies. But it will take some time for this mode to hit the global version of the game.

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