Outer Bank Season 2 Cast, Release Date and What Will Be the Plot ?

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The entire world is now under lockdown and self-isolating at home. The only mode of entertainment is TV shows and Web series. With every new releasing web series or TV show, the people at home are happy as they can now binge on something while staying inside. The main story of the series of Outer Bank is about a crew of teenagers known as Pouges.

These teens are trying to locate a treasure while going through different types of adventures now and then. Besides that, the first season of the show was such a hit that people wanted a season two. But now the wait is over as the new season of the show is arriving very soon.

Outer Bank Season 2 Cast

The star cast of the crew consists of Chase stokes, Madison Bailey, Austin North, Rudy Pankow, and Jonathan Daviss. It is also in the rumors that Madelyn Cline will be making a return to the series while playing the role of a kook called Sarah. Besides all these amazing actors the crew and production team are also very important for the making of the second season.

Outer Bank Season 2 Release Date

There is no official date of release for the show yet. The previous season came out in April 2020. The shooting of the season is yet to start but the fans believe that the show will be releasing in April 2021. Besides that, the virus outbreak has made everything next to impossible.

Outer Bank Season 2 Plot

The last season of the series ended dramatically. Everyone was thinking that John B and Sarah died in the hurricane. But both of them are alive and are now moving forwards to the Bahamas. The second season of the series will pick up the story from here and the viewers will get to see the story of both John B and Sarah.

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