Netflix Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other News

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The series “Seven Deadly Sins” is very popular and loved. The series had three seasons previously and now the 4th season of the series is releasing soon. The fans of the series are all over the world and are of all ages. After it was confirmed that season 4 is coming to the fans can’t hold themselves back.

The release date of the series would have been set earlier in the year, but now it looks like it would be delayed from the set date. This delay will mainly be because of COVID-19. This is going to be the final season of the series. The new edition of the series will answer all the past twists and questions in this series.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Release Date

The official release date of the anime series is 15th October 2020. Mostly all the Japanese anime series get over in two seasons. But due to the support and love of their fans, the developers of the show kept creating new content. Besides that, some rumors suggest the release date might be delayed by 1-2 months.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Cast

There is still no information on the cast of season 4. But the main stars of the cast are Elizabeth Liones, King Harlequin, Merlin, Meliodas, Liz, Diane, Growth, and Escanor. There might be some other inclusions in the cast but no information is yet online.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Plot

The developers of the show are silent about the plot of the show. Even the writer and artists who gave their voices to the anime are quite. Besides that, there are no official statements about the plot of season 4. But as the series is an adaptation from its manga series the storyline will be somewhat the same with few additions. There is only 197 chapter included from the 280 chapters of the manga.

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