Narcos México Season 3 Release Date

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The entire world is now suffering due to the virus outbreak of the COVID-19. Everyone all over the world is now insides their house to avoid this virus. All the governments all over the world have issued lockdown in their respective countries. Besides that, the only means of entertainment right now is watching web series or movies.

There is a lot of different content and genres that one can find and indulge themselves in. the leading streaming company at the time is Netflix. The series Narcos Mexico is a very popular series that is streaming online right now. The series is very famous and has a huge fan base all over the world. The fans of the series are of all ages and also of all genders. After the end of the second season of the series, there are rumors that a third season is on its way.

Release Date

There is still no official confirmation on the release date of the third season of the series. But the fans are hoping that the third season will be out pretty soon. The rumors regarding the release of the new season show that it may be released next year. Narcos Mexico is the continuation of another famous series “Narcos”. The original series showed the audience the life of Pablo Escobar as well as the drug cartel in Mexico.

This series explores the story more deeply and shows the ongoing modern drug war in Mexico. Besides that, it also shows the viewers the Mexico Trafficking routes and the big underground lord of drug mafia. In 1980 Felix Gallardo takes rules over the Guadalajara cartel. He successfully unites the locals as well as big mafia dons to build his invincible empire. But the DEA agent Kiki Camarena is very stubborn to bring down the cartel rule.

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