Mission Impossible 7 Delayed and Dates Have Been Pushed Back

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The entire world is now under lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The virus is spreading all over the planet and no cure has been found yet. All the governments of the countries want their citizens to stay inside their houses until further notice. The only modes of entertainment are watching web series and movies.

But due to the lockdown orders, a lot of movies are unable to shoot the movie. The shooting of Paramount’s Mission Impossible 7 is now put on hold. This is one of the best action movie series that you can enjoy in your free time. The lead of the movie is the dashing actor Tom Cruise. It is also in rumors that the release date of the movie is also pushed back.

Mission Impossible 7 All the Information

At first, the original release date of the movie was 23rd July 2021. But after the Global Pandemic, the new release date of the movie is 19th November 2021. This is not a fixed date and it might change if the production team can’t start shooting on the decided date. Paramount has also announced different release dates for some of the other movies that were supposed to be releasing this year. The studio is upset and feels disappointed that they will not be able to provide the fans with another amazing movie.

The director of the movie is Christopher McQuarrie. McQuarrie is going to direct both parts seven and eight of Mission Impossible. The main character Ethan Hunt is still going to be played by Tom Cruise. There can be new faces in the cast as there were rumors of new characters getting involved in the movie. The fans of the movie series can’t wait for the shooting to start as they want to watch the movie as soon as possible.

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