Lockdown in the U.K. Expected to Last Into Next Month

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The entire world is in lockdown to fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. The governments of all countries are trying to protect their people. Besides that everyone is advised to stay inside their home and follow social distancing. This virus outbreak is spreading all over the world and infecting thousands of people. The doctors, policemen, firemen and many other officials are trying to help the public. A lot of people have also lost their lives to this deadly virus. The lockdown is the only thing that can protect the people so that fewer people get infected. But in the U.K. it is said that the lockdown could last up to six long months.

All the important details

The government of all countries wants its people to be safe. Besides that increasing the time of the lockdown is for the people’s health and benefit. All the citizens of every country should help and cooperate with the government. The deputy chief medical officer of the U.K. says that the lockdown will be in the form of months and not days. Jenny Harries says that the six-month lockdown is necessary so that the medical personal can review the situation for at least three weeks.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson as well as Matt Hancock the Health Secretary has both come together to strategize their next step. But Johnson insisted that he should only take the command and govern the people through self-isolation. President Donald Trump extended the social distancing guideline to 30th April, on Sunday. The U.K. government will send letters to the people informing them about the situation. The entire world is struggling because of the virus and people just want it to end. The government and health care services are all working together to get the situation under control.

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