Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Release Date, Sequel, and Details About the Theories

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The game Horizon Zero is becoming one of the best selling games of modern times. After the launch of the game, the franchise is now one of the biggest games of the PS4 platform. It sold 10 million copies of the game and is still selling the game at and crazy rate.  The game is all about dinosaur-hunter Horizon Zero Dawn.

The next generation is slowly creeping among us and there are rumors that a sequel is going to happen. The fans of the game can’t wait after getting the news of a new sequel. There are fans of the game all over the world and the gamers of all ages love the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Release Date

There is no official date on the sequel of the game Horizon Zero Dawn 2. The developers of the game are Guerrilla Games and the team has not set an official date of launch yet. But the fan and rumors suggest that the game will be coming out after the release of PS5. Both the release of PS5 and the game will be happening in the latter half of 2020.

Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel

The game was always going to get a sequel as the response of the fans was awesome. The plot of the game is also very intriguing and the game is also very much loved by the critics. The game is about the world where you will get robots that rule the world now. The humans that survived all the problems are now divided into small tribes. The sequel of the game will surely be interesting as the ending of the previous game was unclear. Besides that, the fans also believe that the gameplay of the next version is also seriously going to be improved.

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