Hitman Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Much More

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This is not the first time that a TV series is going to be based on a video game. Hitman is one of the most famous video games in the world. The game’s storyline was also used in the Hitman movie as well. The fans of the game are excited to see how their favorite game will look in TV series.

The game Hitman is a popular single-player game where you are an assassin and need to kill your enemies without being noticed. There are also small in-game missions and tasks inside the main story of the game. The first-ever release of the game was in the year 2000 in November. The first movie based on the game came out in 2007.

Hitman Season 1 Release Date

There is no official date on the release of the show. But this time not only web series fans but also gamers are waiting for the release of the show. The only information that is available at the moment is that the TV show will be out in 2021. This is mostly because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Hitman Season 1 Cast

The information about the cast and crew is still under wraps. The characters that will be in the show are Agent 47, Mei Ling, Dr. Otto, Diana Burnwood, and Agent Carlton Smith. The actors that are going to play these roles are still in the shadows and no official announcement is made.

Hitman Season 1 Plot

The whole world is under lockdown and gathering any information is very difficult. Besides that, the stars and cast members are also not working on any projects right now as everyone is in self-isolation. The rumors only suggest that the TV show will be following the storyline of the movie and game combined. But how the fans will react to the same story again or will there be a twist in the story that is not yet confirmed.

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