Fact Check: Trump benefit financially by prompting Hydroxychloroquine over Coronavirus Treatment

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The entire world is under lockdown due to the serious COVID-19 outbreak. The governments all over the world have advised people to stay in self-isolation inside their houses until all of this ends. There are thousands of people suffering from the virus and many even dying because of it. Besides all these problems the main problem is that we don’t have any vaccination for this virus. The doctors, as well as all the hospital staff, are working countless hours to keep the patients healthy and safe. In all of this, the U.S President Donald Trump is promoting Hydroxychloroquine as a remedy to this virus. This is original an anti-malarial drug and not much evidence is found that shows it cures COVID-19.

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The majority of people are suffering due to this outbreak. But when U.S President Trump claimed that Hydroxychloroquine is the solution to this virus a lot of people became happy. The people thought that all of this might be over and they can get back to their normal lives. But the vaccination doesn’t have any proof to show that it cures COVID-19. The lack of efficiency and evidence is making believe that this was all for his financial gain. Many News outlets claim that Trump holds a part of the share of the company that makes the medicine and will get a lot of money from the sales of the medicine.

The name of the company is Sanofi. Besides that Trump gets his earning from three main mutuals funs investments that he has made in the name of his family. These companies are pharmaceutical, oil, machinery and many more. There is no confirmation that all of this was done for his gain but people are starting to believe it. Besides, Trump has 3.3 percent investment in the company which will give him huge profits at the time of sale.


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