Fact About the Dolly Parton & Husband Carl Thomas Dean

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Dolly Parton is a very famous celebrity who gave her fans amazing soundtracks. Besides being a successful artist she is also holding a hugely profitable business empire. But her husband Carl Thomas Dean is like a mystery man, always avoiding public gatherings and media. But the lovely couple has made this relationship works for 50 long years.

Besides all of these rumors and other stories Parton herself talks about her husband in her biography. She is one of the most loved and popular country artists. The fans of the start want to know what she found and liked about Dean and also what type of man is he. So if you want to find out more about Dolly Parton’s Husband read below.

All the Important Information

The first time that the couple met each other was the time when Dolly moved into Nashville. She came into the city as an 18-year-old and graduating from high school. The first person that she met was dean near a Laundromat. The star says that Thomas started the conversation says that she will get a sunburn and they both ended up talking for hours.

The couple fell in love and was faithful and lovely together. But the couple got married in secret. The couple was dating for two years and once Thomas got out of the Army the couple fled to Georgia and got married. The record labels that Parton was working with were all against this marriage. They got married to only the preacher’s wife and Parton’s Mom.

Besides, that other thing which is very strange is that Dean never goes out in public. Dolly says in an interview that the first time Dean went to any of the events was in 1966. She says that while driving back to their house Dean said to her that he is very happy for her and wants the best things for both of them, but please don’t ask me to come to these events again. This is the reason why the couple is not seen a lot in the public.

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