Ezra Miller Has Been Seen Choking up His Woman Fan in a Video

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Ezra Miller is the actor who plays the role of Flash in DC movies. In a shocking video that got viral on Sunday, viewers can see the star choking a girl at a bar. This incident took place in Reykjavik, on Sunday late at night. It is still not confirmed that the video is legit or fake. The video can be a fake video which is edited by someone who hates the star or has other personal motives. But the video got viral and memes were surfacing all over twitter. In Twitter Miller’s name is now trending and people are coming up with more memes every day.

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The fans of the actor are confused and don’t want to believe that this incident truly took place in the bar. But to clear all the bout Prikio Kaffihus confirms that this is true and a very shocking incident that took place that night. He also says that the man who is recognized as Miller was later throw out of the premises by the security of the bar. It was a small seven-second video that went viral very fast. Most of the people were sure from the start that it is Ezra Miller in the video.


In the video, we can see that a man is screaming, “Oh, You want to fight me? Is this what you want?” to a girl who seems to be joking about the situation. It shows in the video that the girl is getting in pose to begin a fight but in a funny and joking way. But after that Miller holds the girl by her neck and pushes her hard-hitting the floor. At this particular point of time the person filming says “Woah, Bro, Bro,” and then stop the video. Unfortunately, that is the end of the seven-second video, and nobody is sure if it is true or not. The people also want to know what happens next and did the girl press any charges.

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