Dancing Funeral Pallbearer’s Memes Goes Viral

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Today the world is connected with the internet and with that people have access to different social sites. Besides that, the majority of people have a social life as well as a private life. But if you visit any social media site or application you will find relatable memes. The youth, as well as people of all ages, are now into memes and funny videos. Recently the most popular meme material is a video of a group of Pallbearers.

The story behind the actual video is completely something else. In 2017 this group was raising the spirits of the people as well as the casket of the dead. The group used to carry the coffin and dances to entertain the people so that they forget their loss for a short time.

About the Trending Meme

In 2020 various videos of this group got viral due to their iconic dance with the coffin on top. The whole world is now under lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus. The virus is harming people day after day and that is why people are now self-isolating inside their own house. The modes of entertainment left for the people in Television and Smartphones. But a lot of people love to see memes on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other sites. This is how the video of the group spread through the internet and got viral, due to these social media applications.


The leader of the group is Benjamin Aidoo. Besides that, the group also does normal funerals as they first ask the client that they want a full of choreography funeral or normal. The group is originally from Ghana and their only motive is to bring joy to the people at the painful funeral time. the outfits of the group, as well as the choreography, are all set by Adioo and the families in Ghana are satisfied with their services.

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