Colts QB Philip Rivers has ‘really bad turf toe” but will reportedly play

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Indianapolis Colts quarterback Philip Rivers has been dealing with a toe injury since Week 11, and it appears that it’s going to follow him around for the rest of the season. According to multiple reports, Rivers is dealing with a plantar plate rupture, which NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport described as “really bad turf toe.”

Turf toe sounds pretty innocuous, but Rivers may need surgery to repair it. Rapoport reported that Rivers will “likely” get surgery during the offseason, but Joel A. Erickson, Colts insider for the Indianapolis Star, reported that the decision on surgery hasn’t been made yet.

Rivers played on this injury during Week 12’s loss to the Tennessee Titans, and while that was an ugly loss, it didn’t seem to significantly affect his play. According to Rapoport, Rivers is expected to play through the injury and continue starting for the Colts.

If it turns out that Rivers’ injury affects him more than expected and he’s forced to sit, his backup Jacoby Brissett will likely start in his place. Brissett started 15 games during the 2019 season, and while he’s not brilliant, he’ll be a serviceable replacement for Rivers.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Rivers has toughed it out through injuries before, and so it’s no surprise that he’s reportedly going to do the same now. With the Colts battling for a spot in the playoffs, the team doesn’t want anyone but Rivers in the driver’s seat.

Philip Rivers has a bad case of turf toe, but he’s reportedly going to play through it. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

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