Cinderella: Cast, Release Date, Trailer, and Other Updates

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This might be the first time that a classic story tale is been remade and it’s not by Disney. Sony is looking to step into the backyard of Disney as they will be remaking the classic tale of Cinderella. But this time the scene of the movie might be different as it is going to be a musical comedy directed by Kay Cannon.

The fans of the classic tale and people, in general, can’t think of a way to make this movie into a comedy. The main story of the original movie is that Cinderella’s mother dies and she suffers in the hands of her step-mother and sisters. To make this into a musical comedy is not something everyone can think of.


The cast of the movie consists of the likes of Camila Cabello as the main character Cinderella, and Nicola Galitzine to play the role of Prince Robert. Besides these stars, there are other stars like Billy Porter playing the role of Fab G. Pierce Brosnan playing King Rowan, Idina Menzel playing Vivian. There are a lot of other stars in the cast as well but it is still under wraps.

Release Date

The release date of the movie is 5th February 2021. But this time the movie is going to fall under the genre of American romantic comedy. Besides that, there are also rumors that the release date may be changed due to the current virus outbreak.


There is still no official trailer of the movie. But there is a short video of Camilla Cabello which shows that she will be playing the lead role in the movie. This is going to be her acting debut as she will be playing the glamorous role of Cinderella. Besides that as this is a musical comedy movie and the music is also done by Camilla Cabello.

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