Bulletproof 2 Cast Details, Release Date, Storyline and Much More

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The first time fans got to see Bulletproof was back in 2018. The series earned a lot of support and fans all over the world. After the first season fans always wanted a second part. It looks like the fans of the show will get a second part as the show is making a comeback.

The main story of the show is about two undercover agents who are working to bring down a hug criminal gang. The series is interesting and filled with an action scene as well as fierce. The story of the series is very interesting and the fans of the show love both the characters due to their looks as well as catchy dialogues.


The cast of the show includes Saif Al-Warith, Leeshon Alexander, Kristy Bartolo, Olivia Chenery, Noel Clarke, David Elliot, and Tom Forbes. Besides these actors r=there are also other actors like Gala Gordon, Vanessa Grasses, Jason Maza, Lauren McQueen, Hiten Patel, Lucie Shorthouse, Tygorah Smith, and Vanessa Vanderpuye.

Release Date

The premiere of season two is on 20th March 2020. It will start at 9 pm on Sky One. All the episodes of the series are available online after the TV broadcast on Sky Go. The fans are very happy that now they can once again see their favorite show. There are a total of eight episodes in season 2.


The show is going to pick up the story from the last episodes of the first season. The viewers will see that a Hitman shot Pike’s father Ronald. The new series is filled with action and the fans are eager to see what will happen next. In the new season, Bishop and Pike will now go after a brand new mission which will take them to Europe.

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