Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fishing Tourney rewards and much more

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The game Animal crossing gets getting popular day by day. The lockdown all over the world is proving to be a perfect time for gamers. Besides that, the people who love to play games can now enjoy their games peacefully and home. There are some new prices on the game that the players are excited about. There is a very easy way to enter the Finishing Tourney by contacting with CJ at the Plaza. CJ will explain all the rules and rewards of the game mode. But the basic thing that you need to do is catch as many fish as you can within 3 minutes. In the game you can use any bait, the only thing holding you back is the time limit. The number of fish that you catch will get changed into bells.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How the points work

The points depend on the number of fish that you catch. 1 fish will give you only 1 point. 2 fishes will give you 2 points. 3 fishes will give you 5 points. 4 fishes will give you 6 points. 5 fishes will give you 7 points. 6 fishes will give you 8 points. 7 fishes will give you 9 points. 8 fishes will give you 10 points. 9 fish will give you 11 points. 10 fishes will give you 12 points. The first entry in the Fishing Tourney is going to be free. But if you want to participate after that you will need to pay 500 Bells.

Fishing Tourney rewards

The rewards that you will receive include Anchor Statute, bronze Fish Trophy, Fish Doorplate, Fish-drying Rack, Fish Ponchette, Fish Print, Fish Print Tree, and Fish Rug. Besides these prizes, you can also get Fish Umbrella, Fish Wand, Fishing-rod Sand, Fresh cooler, Gold Fish Trophy, Marine Pop Wallpaper, Marine Pop Floor, SilverFish Trophy, and Tackle Bag.

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