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This is a very famous web series all over the world. It has previously made three seasons and built a huge fan base. The fans of the series are all over the world and of all ages as well as gender. All three seasons of the show have been successful and entertaining. The critics also rank the series very high and it holds well overall rating on distinguished sites.

It is an American Drama series and it has everything that one wants to see. The series contains love, drama, emotion as well as a very intriguing storyline. The main story revolves around a bunch of kids and their life problems. This theme is very relatable to the youth currently and also some of the adults or parents. The story of the series is taken from the brilliant novel by Jay Asher.


The star cast of the series contains:-

  • Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen)
  • Christian Navarro (Tony Padilla)
  • Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley)
  • Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis)
  • Miles Heizer (Alex Standall)
  • Devin Druid (Tyler Down)
  • Ross Butler (Zach Dempsey)

Besides that, there are also other characters and actors in the series but the list would have grown long. But the production team and the creators are also equally responsible for the success of the show. In rumors, season four of the series is on its way, and the fans are eagerly waiting.

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